Yahp. New Music.

Due to some complications in the crew I gotta leak the mixtape's intro. 

Here you go...




I'm gonna have my performance video up there SOON!!!!

A word from my man Dan....


what the fuck.....omg...

See this shit here is why I do NOT trust women...
Cuz was wrong but at the same time what she says at the end is AWFUL...

Hands down the illest shit for Kanye!!!!!!

(SD) Kanye West - Robocop (1988 import version) from Myk Dawg on Vimeo.

LMAO @ Ne-Yo!!!!!




A Letter from Kanye's Ex........

Dear Kanye,

I can't help but feel like I'm getting a raw deal here.

Okay, you're a musician. I understand writing a whole album about getting your heart broken. Really, I do. And I've put up with it in the past because, as you know, I've always suspected "Gold Digger" is about me too.

But isn't this a bit much? You could have called me a "spoiled L.A. girl" seven times instead of eight. A bit dramatic, no? The worst thing I ever said about you was "Jay killed you on the remix."

Plus, I promise I didn't "take your soul," even if I was occasionally "hot and cold." If I was going to take anything from you, it would be a minute or two of your attention. Because, seriously, what's the point in even asking if those sunglasses look goofy on you if I say yes and you wear them anyway?

You know, I've done a lot of nice stuff for you in the past (telling you you should have won at every awards show, pretending to read your blog), but you give all the sweet songs to your dead mom. The best you can do for me is "when I grab your neck, I touch your soul"?

And now every guy I go out with is going to snicker whenever I mention a certain 1987 Peter Weller vehicle. Thanks a lot. How could you be so Dr. Evil?

Kanye, I don't mind the ocassional drunk dial from Ibiza, and I don't complain about you wearing gold llame. But no, I'm not going to let you "love me like you wanted to" if that involves you flexing in the mirror and yelling out, "I'm the new John Lennon, bitch!" at the point of climax.

As you instructed, I "told everyone that I know that you don't love me no more." So, you know, that's over. Can you stop being such a crybaby now?

DQM New Era 59FIFTY “Basic” Fitted Caps


Ghostbusters x Bape T-shirt Collection


Gucci Mane - I'm Back Bitch....GUCCI!!!!!


Nike Air Yeezy Gay Fish



I'm sure some of you are familiar w/ Puffy's son IQ, right...well news....

THAT'S NOT HIS SON...This is his father...

He has a song on allhiphop.com addressing the situation...woah....

Here's the link if your interested....


Niggas need to cut the BULLSHIT....

I need that Dipset reunion.

Pharrell removes his tattoos...



Keri Hilson in the Yeezy's!


April 27, 2008....THIS YEAR WILL BE DOPER!

Performance @ Deadstock Kicks Event from Nike Nando on Vimeo.

Benji - SSDD...ILL!

Click HERE to download...

If you are in a relationship and make music you can TRULY relate to this...


LOL! Dope tho.






TEKKEN 6!!!!!



My girl scared to DEATH of brick bears. I remember when we went to Palace 5ive and she saw a brick bear abt the same sz of a infant and she spazzed. LOL! I want to get these joints just to mess w/ her. lol.

I dnt fuck w/ fusions but....

These shits are ill...


Marty Announces "The In Crowd"

Marty Announces "The In Crowd" from The In Crowd on Vimeo.


As you can tell, I fucks with Kid Cudi's "Sky Might Fall". The feel of the record got me like everything gonna be alright with me and the situations I go thru. No matter what speed bump lies ahead in you life it wont stop you, just slow you down a little bit. It's NOTHING wrong with slowing down cause you never know what could happen if you rush something...

I'm so ready to get you guys this tape. I just dnt wanna dissapoint everyone cause I got ALOT of pressure on me to succeed and I feel like I NEED to make it great myself but I'm honestly not at 100% because I can't get to the studio enough like I want to but that is 50% my fault...Also I have not been releasing alot of records to blogs because I feel like NONE of the DMV blogs (except 3) actually support my music and that's sad cause I supported the DMV from the beginning... 

"Super Nike Nando" is 70% done (what's with all these damn percentages?!?!?) I just got a few records I would like to record and then I'm all finished! And you can get you damn mixtape nerds. lol. I'm gonna release ONE single from the tape and that should be on Monday. I'm not really into giving away the WHOLE tape before it gets released cause when you download it you'd have your hopes up for nothing. lol. So PLEASE get amped because you are in for it when this tape drops...


BBC | Ice Cream 2009 Spring/Summer Collection April New Releases

What you think?

Random...(Sneaker Post)

I gotta get up at 7am & be at work @ 9am....smh. So while I'm getting clothes ready and abt to jump my ass in the shower (cause I move slow as shit in the am...) I'm gonna leave you w/ this... I was doing some googling and I came across some kicks by some folks posted on niketalk.


Flight 89 Poorman Black Cement III Customs

Poorman Kid Robot Air Max Light Customs

IDK....Random right?


Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy - I Poke Her Face (unmixed)...SORRY FOR BEING LATE ON THE POST...

My bro is back w/ some ILL shit. 
Dnt sleep niggas...
Click HERE to dwnld...


Niggas got some HEAT in Woodbridge?!?!?!


Download HERE....

My nigga on WSHH!


Kanye is da man....



Props to Hypebeast!




New music! The the mixtape is COMING!!!!!

Prom Queen (Remix):

Big Brother:



Darren Hanible - Hip-Hop's Super Hero

Words from D Dub...

Hello everyone. I am back with a new single called, "Hip-Hop's Super Hero". This is another track I produced my self and hopefully you all will enjoy and post this song. I appreciate everyone's help thus far in posting my material and I hope that you all will continue to do so. Attached the Promotional artwork an below is the link for the song itself. Again thank you very much and enjoy. Please give me feed back on the track and lemme know what you think. 



Dope ass company out of L.A. check out they're site!

Drique London - London What Up (Video)

Here's a lil abt Drique:
What up world this your boy drique London im a artist out of Raleigh nc .im 17 I make produce and promote my own music .growing up in Astoria queens then moving to Raleigh was a big step cause I al ways been a head of most my ear for music is different than most cats in the south I bring a northern swag with a northern word play and niggas don’t except it I feel like my style is different im sick of the game now and I feel like artist like my self wale, b.o.b. Cory guns and most in that category don’t get the respect we deserve im from an era where hip-hop plays a big role in kids like my self life. I grew up listing to snoop ,dmx, and other artist that was big in the 90s .I fell in love with rap I was about 9 I say I was at home in my room and I seen the gin and juice video and that’s when I new I wonted to do this. I seen a lot of artist come in and out the game and I seen a lot of cats get sighed off of hot garbage so I fell like I bring some thing good to the table hip hop is in a state when records sales its at its all time low and labels not doing or throwing out the same money as they use to so most artist go to get it on there own I recorded my hold first mix tape DA MONSTA in my room and dropped in may 14th 06 and I got most love from artist that really respect hip hop cause it was a sound that know one heard artist in Raleigh nc don’t get much love like new York’s or dc niggas or cats in la based off the stereo type that south niggaz have there’s artist in the south that have grate word play like my self I get slept on a lot cause im young and my style is crazy like I look up to wale, chuck English , Nan do macfy and micky factz and I add all that in my raps so im bringing a sound that know one really heard like the internet is what s make in most niggaz or young underground artist like my self famous heads have ipods now and they looking for a new sound so they search for niggaz that’s hot I don’t try 2 put on a front or what ever and be some one im not I rap about stuff I like dog girls, sneakers, clothing stuff in that nature and mix all that with life and add it to beats with weird sound and drums to make hits I hop yawl got a lil info be on the look out for me DRIQUE LONDON DOWNLOAD "LONDON WHAT UP" http://www.zshare.net/audio/527073748d6ebb4f/

Check his myspace out too:
Download The Whole Mixtape Here or Here.

Mr. Peter Parker is back with another mixtape. This one is all Eminem and it features tracks from Eminemduring his early years (his best in my opinion). Personally, that is when I really enjoyed listening to Eminem. This tape features some of the classic tracks from Marshall like “Any Man,” “5 Star Generals,” “Scary Movie,” “If I get Locked Up Tonight,” and many many more, including some of Eminems classic freestyles. Eminem is starting his promotions for his upcoming studio album, which has been long long awaited. Based off of his first single for it, I’m not that impressed. Hopefully things turn around. This tape here though is definitely worth the download, because if you’re like me, over the years you’ve lost many of these classic records. Always a free mixtape download over here. Home of the free hip hop mixtape downloads. Tracklist and downloads after the jump.