The video speaks for it's self...



As you now know me and the homie A.B. are currently working on the "Clash" video for your enjoyment. Here are some pics from the set of one of the scenes....
Thanks Queen Britt!



We are almost into the new year and I'm at a point of success I was NOT in last year. My brand increases value and I start to become even more of a big fuckin deal. Now what? I grind harder that's what. For almost 6 months I've lived in Va. and lost complete contact with the internet and missed out on opportunities that could have put me in even MORE of a better situation. Now I'm not letting that happen this year. NOTHING will hold me back and you will see something you have NEVER seen before DMV. You will have a voice, someone you can relate to and agree with   in the messages sent across in the music. Artstic concept that pull you in and more...bare with me. The decisions I've made can't hurt me but only put me in a better situation. No loafin like these other dudes it's ji time for a change, joe. So with that being said I'm going to make 09' MINE. No disrespect to any other artists but excluding my team y'all are NOT fucking with me in any way, shape or form. It's proof in the mixtapes I've released within this past year. S.N.E.S. is called one of the BEST mixtapes on blogs across the net. What about your shxt??? 

Okay, now let's talk about what I have in store NOW. As you know me and A.B. finally got back together and made a record called "Clash" which I've posted the flyer for. The song is not being relased JUST yet. Were in the process of doing a video for it NOW. Yep, I said video. So now you may go ape shit and fall in love with the movement. A.B. is ALSO Executive Producer on the new EP were working on called "EGO" yes, I know...from "Sep Nando Everyone Sucks" to "Ego"...smh. They shall hate me now. lol.  A few people are interested in taking me on board but we will see what the future holds. 

I'm working on my Directorial debut soon with Cayan's new single from "District Of Caylumbia" entitled "Fashion & Politics" produced by A.B. as well...yeah, no!.....Yah...We are gonna do some GREAT things in 09' people. Anyone who has EVER doubted be VERY afraid....lol.

Continue: 1up edition now on datpiff.com!!!!


You must SUCK in order to succeed !

The meaning of "bop" HERE
Get the NEW freestyle HERE

It's MY NEW song.

Introducing...Swag Kids

Swag Kids - The Welcome from Swag Kids on Vimeo.

Production team from VA. Aye, whole time when I tell you the got some dope beats...they Really do. lol.

Shouts to Kari.

See this is why I fuck w/ Soljah Boy...

This dude is smart. Charles Hamilton is ji stepping out there with someone he REALLY can't mess with buzz worthy...stupid nigga.

You know how many KIDS love Souljah Boy? He's fucking up RIGHT there. That's losing fans he could have gained...So many things joe....Tell me why this nigga got a deal anyway? No hater shit...really...how did he get a deal? LOL.

DMV/Youtube Cypher: Lyriciss


Just not happy with things...

As of late alot of things have been going on for both the better AND the worst. I just wanna vent and talk about what's been bothering me...well...kinda. I'm sorry if I haven't been able to post anything new as far a music like I used to, but I'm on other peoples time and I don't have the ''quality'' to be able to get ''taken serious'' as a artist so I decided not to record until I get to a studio with the ''appropriate'' type of ''studio quality''. Instead of recording I have been making quite a number of beats that I am leasing AND selling. If you are interested in doing so contact me as soon as posible. Idk...these setbacks are fucking with the money. And I HATE to have my money fucked with. Now I guess I'm gonna have to do it MY way cause NOTHING will get accomplished if I don't do so....

Jigga What, Jigga Who?

Okay, I am convinced that Kanye West is the greatest artist of our time since Micheal Jackson. Simply put. Who has EVER put on a show like this at SNL? Cmon...be real.

Anyone wanna argue or agree?
Leave comments please.

Dope as FUCK.

Click HERE to see more pics.

A.B....You mess w/ these?

Props to NK
Click HERE to see more.

DOPE...I need this.

Click HERE too see more.
Props to Hypebeast.

Why Not Nando? (Hype Club Mixtape)

I personally though big bro was gonna reach out and put me on it BUT I thought wrong like shit. lol. It's all good, maybe he'll hit me up for something else...

Click HERE to download.

Kid CuDi "Day & Night" (video)

Aye wholetime, I know he don't like the fact that this joint was leaked but I think it was SOOO dope & funny as HELL. lol.

The "Landover" tee is BACK....

These tee's are EXTREMELY limited so reserve your HERE.

shouts to the GB fam!

Kanye, Charles Hamilton & The Game Chypher battle.

Listen to the line @ 4:19.....

Haha! These dudes are funny...

So I JUST got done googling my name n shit. And I saw a mufucka completley BITE the hell out of my shit...smh. I think it's funny that cuz actually looks up to me in a way, but he just went about it totally wrong...lol. Like, cmon dude....the video game concept...and your from the DMV...loafin zir. Like where do some of these dudes get the gull to go off and impersonate someone and people KNOW for a fact where it comes from...*sigh* Maybe I'm just lunching cause it's 5am and I just feel like typing cause it's nobody to talk to and everyone is alseep in the studio. But if I told em this they'd probably look at me like, "young...your lunching." Honestly, eh...I just feel like my time is coming even sooner and now that I'm near I'ma get my team straight so they aint gotta trip off of nothing. AND the simple fact that I'm the....you know. , takes my confidence to even higher levels and boosts my ego. But honestly, I'm about to save up some cash not spend it on anything non studio related so I can start killing this shit with these beats and yeah...

I'ma sample this...


Cool...don't you agree?

Supra Cruizer Low “Grape” Colorway
Click HERE for more


You ready????

This new label, Urban Underdogz Ent, is the brainchild of the DMV's [and DMG's] own Hassani Kwess and New York Native Paul Dallas. The myspace is www.myspace.com/urbanunderdogzent. Also on the way, the new EP, "Dallas For President" from Dallas as Hassani Kwess as the MC. Check em' out.

NandoMcFlyy. "Get Me" NEW MUSIC!!!!!

Working on that album for you...but check this out...

Click HERE

P.S. me and A.B. back in the lab and we cooked something up for y'all.
I'll update you soon enough....

Nova x Azizi Gibson "Push Our S*it" (Produced By: Sinitus Tempo)

My boy Nova asked me to post this record for you...so I will. lol.
Very well done re-sample of the "Kick Push" joint.
Click HERE to download

Beetlejuice anyone????



G*Two: DMV Cypher!!!

He get's busy!
Lyriciss you next boi!!!!


Spitta is NOT playing with you dudes...

Props to knowxone.

I like these...

HUF x Vans Satin SK8-Hi Pack

Props to Hypebeast.

Click here for more...


Mixtape Spotlight : Hassani Kwess

Debut mixtape from the kid. Check him out and leave comments letting me know what you think....
Look out for his ep coming coming produced by me.

...And in good spirits!!!! =)

My man's Nova is in GOOD spirits after I visited him today. I'm glad to see that he's laughin and everything. Make a quick recovery my nigg!!!!
His mixtape is suppose to com out in Dec. so be ready people....


'Wanted' is the GREATEST movie EVER!!!!


Nando News (Updates!!!) 12.2.09

I hope everyone had a dope and wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I ate like good. Anyways, I'm here to give you all a status on me and what's going on in my world. I have gone under NEW management hopefully we get this show on the road. lol. I've been working on ALOT of new projects so Hakuna Matata, I'll be RIGHT back on you with a ep 1st quarter and it WILL be monumental! I'm working with quite a few producers as well as using my own production. Oh, another thing, I'm gonna re-record 'SuperNikeNando' with new lyrics. ALSO, I have a 'SuperNikeNando' pt. 2 coming produced by TheFiveOne Band. Believe me when I tell you that my new music could possibly be the DOPEST product coming out of this area PERIOD. Also I said I'm keeping the McFlyy. It's MINE so I'm reclaiming my shit!

BTW, when you get a chance send a e-mail to my boy Nova telling him to get well soon.

Wale - Nike Boots (Video)


5 Days!!!!



Markyland Ep. 2

Here you go folks. If you don't have it here it is...Sorry for the delay.
Make sure you tune in THIS coming Tuesday for a ALL NEW episode.

Happy Turkey Day!

From me and my family to yours.

Mouse KILLS!!!!!!!



Special edition "Continue?"

I am VERY proud of this project. Just it's overall quality. I haven't felt like this since I was prepping for S.N.E.S., now that this project is out and doing some cool numbers without promo I feel good! I'm Rejuvenated and going back in to do what it is I do best, creating music. I could care less if ANY bloggers post or give me props for this project. I know that I'm capable of doing something you can't do and that's make people relate and stay consistant on following up on me. In no way is that sassing anyone who's ever posted anything I've ever e-mailed to them and they've showed love, (Thank you to those who have) just the ones who have been unsure of the 'hype' behind my rise. I know I'm the shit. And I'm not being cocky what-so-ever. Just wait till you get a taste of the album...

I WILL begin working on the Untitled album in January. Also I'm working on an EP and back in the studio with a producer that helped with the majority of S.N.E.S., who woulda thunk it? lol. So that leaves me to say this, I'm FOCUSED, nothing budge me. How you gonna act?

And DeLorean Music Group WILL be an official label 2009.

Here's the mixtape link:


Terry Kennedy "Supra's On My Feet" (LITTLE Bow Wow Diss) hahaha!

Looks like the homie TK scored a deal with Supra. YZR! I sure as hell will be getting em' when they come out...lol.

I'm sorry, but here's MORE Mr. West...

Straight from the soul.
I'm going to make beats now...


If you ever feel like you not going ANYWHERE with this shit, look at this video. Oh yeah, peep the Supreme hoody and the Air Max 95's.....smh CRAZY!

Azizi's got a new bag....

Azizi WILL be dropping a instrumental album very soon. I will keep you updated on it's progress.

Which brings me to this question...
Whatever happened to the preHISTORIC album "March"????


Spotlight...Hassani Kwess.

I came across Hassani (pause) by my mans Mouse. Cuzzo is DOPE! 10 rules you must follow when rocking kicks...you agree? Leave your comments...

Here's the link:


Ice The Villain: DMV/Youtube Cypher

VERY Talented dude! Good looking my nigg!

GCC "Trick Your Treat" Ft. ME!!!! (Video)

Thanks Yams!!!

In a dream...

So I'm in High School, and It's SOMETHING I forgot what happened but all of a sudden I'm running down a High School hallway with Big Boi from Outkast while he's running down there with this BAD ASS white girl and I get past ALL the teachers classes and didin't get in trouble and all of a sudden out of nowhere, Afrika Bambaataa "Looking for the perfect beat"started playing and I started dancing like shit. smh....so I'm late for whatever class I was in and soon as I got to the door eyeryone was looking at me, so the song came on again and I started getting it. haha! and when they were done I was like, "Give it up for my band...they're so lovely don't you agree?" ROTFLMAO!!!!!

Am I in love? lol.

She is an AMAZING performer. Her performance is JUST like the actual record, but just a little more energy...

Funkadelic Freestyles presents...Markyland Ep. 1

Yo, shows to my mans J Ben. & Marky for bringing me and my lil' bro Cayan (DMG) on board for this historic event. Check us out every Tuesday from 8:30pm to 9:00pm. Special guest Lyriciss (DMG) get's flag thrown at him...wanna know the results? lol. This show is like Russ Parr meets Donny Simpson take away a few years...lol.

The downfall of Go-Go...(Crank)

Is it just me or did this shit become REALLY annoying? It's everything from the quality to the creativity of these young bands influenced my early crank bands like, the original MOB (w/ Tinko as lead mic), UCB and TCB. My cousins be playing this new stuff and I'm like, 'huh?' I don't understand what ANYONE on mic is talking about and all I can really hear is a quotable from a Lil' Wayne record here and there. Oh, and I didin't forget that I made 'Why She Bop' either lol., but I think NOW, it's going too far...What do YOU think?

I like this video tho...lol.
Shouts to TOB...

What's your addiction? (Chipotle')

Here's the background info:

'Chipotle Mexican Grill originated in Denver, Colorado in 1993 in a former Dolly Madison Ice Cream Store near the University of Denver campus. The name derives from the Mexican Spanish name for a variety of jalapeño chili, and ultimately derives from the Nahua language.

Over 500 restaurants have since opened throughout the United States. All are company-owned, rather than franchised. In 1998, McDonald's made an initial minority investment in the company. By 2001, they had grown to be Chipotle's largest investor. The McDonald's connection allowed the firm to quickly expand, from 14 restaurants in 1998 to 480 at the end of 2005.'

Now I just found out from a friend that McDonald's owns this company...now for those of you loafin are you willing to try it now and become addicted? lol. Whenever I can and I'm near I definetly get me a burrito or burrito bowl (steak...ji tired of the chicken joints...lol.) and get STUFFED. One day do to gallery and see what they about...


DMV/Youtube Cypher

What I'm trying to do is organize the BEST from this area up-and-coming and promote they're talent. If you haven't seen the youtube cypher you should check it out. So get your digi-cam's and get ready to get some exposure. here are the instructions:

*Send a email to nikenando@gmail.com or thrillanilla@gmail.com with your myspace/blogsite.
*If you are accepted you will receive a beat.
*Record a video of you spitting your BEST 16 . At the end call out who YOU think should go next. (And know for sure if they are...Don't be calling out Wale' n shit...)
*Post it on youtube with the header title as: 'your name' DMV youtube chypher.




Attention, attention people...

Once again welcome to whynotnando.blogspot.com. If your in Philly Dec 6th you need to show support to the homie Dizzy. He has something going on and you should check it out. For those of you who live in the DMV are you can get there if you really wanna be. All you gotta do is go to Gallery Pl. and go get a $28 ticket from the china bus. lol. No excuses, if my man Dizzy blessed you with some heat then you need to go. I got the info for the buses if you need em holla at me on AIM or my gmail. lol. Dead ass tho...

But here's the flyer...

3rd times the charm...

So like Nilla said, That wordpress shit is too difficult...I don't know how to put anyone in my blogroll and people are thinking I'm lying when I say I don't know how. lol. So here you go YET AGAIN. My new and LAST blog domain, "why not nando?" I hope you like it...if not, who cares.