Fly shxt: Gold Bape watch inspired by Rolex.

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If you know me you know I got a thing for GOLD and this really does it for me. This is a MUST HAVE. Hopefully I'll be the owner of one of these SOON. Ha!

Back off hiatus...well...sort of.

Now, I know you are wondering.....


But I have a VERY good explination. Thank you to those who still follow the music and still show support. Just alot of personal things have been going on so I had to take time to my my personal shit straight...

Anyway, I'm back to tell you what's been going on if you don't follow me on twitter, don't have a twitter, don't have a facebook or whatever...I've been working on music and doing features just to perfect my craft and get better lyrically. I don't feel like I'm truly at a point where I can be my BEST so I wanna take time away and do that for you all.

I've been listening to A LOT of new music latley...Kendrick Lamar (LATE), Frank Ocean (KINDA LATE), 2 Chainz, Wale (ALWAYS), Black Cobain, etc. Just listening to these dudes make say to myself, "Nando...cuz you need to step it up." I honestly feel like it's something missing from what I do. Like I'm so close and it's so reachable but I gotta be patient and slowly come into it. (Pause)

If your late...I dropped a project entitled, "October Tenth". It's a EP/Mixtape (4 Songs + 1 BONUS song)
If you haven't had a chance to listen to it here's a LIVE STREAM so you can check it out. Unfortunately, the bandcamp downloads exceeded the number of downloads I can use and you have to pay ONLY from the bandcamp so we made another link so you can get it for FREE HERE.

On the project I said that this will be my last project until my next album drops in 2012 and it will be called, "Perception Is Reality"....2012 true...."Perception Is Reality"...FALSE. I'm gonna come up with a different title for my next album. I'll keep you guys updated in the next few months on that. I AM however working on features w/ ANY artist that I think is dope and wants to collab with me. So far I have done stuff with Era Hardaway, Octavion X & Tim Porter of Suburban District (RVA WHADUP?!) and a few others you will just have to find out later...ha! 

As far as shows...Everytime I'm out...I'm asked, "When is your next show gonna be???" I don't know at the current moment. I'm on a SLIGHT rest period AND I can't seem to make certain moves due to politics...The one thing I hate MOST...But as soon as I DO have a show I will let you ALL know.

BUT...If you would like to BOOK me for any shows, to host parties or anything else shoot a email to:
Nando.Booking@Gmail.com, please.

You still LOOOOVEEEE DMG, right? I know..
Well, Quis has dropped a new project...it's called "QuisaDilla" you should check it out. I have a record on there with him and I'd like to think it's quite fucking AMAZING. So do that. The link to do so is HERE.

Here's the artwork:
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Follow him on twitter: @QuisOfMar

As far as (Prince) Akeem, he's working on a new project called, "Love In Los Angeles" 

He has a NEW music video out for a song off of the "No More Noodles" mixtape:
Check it out here & follow him on twitter: @PrinceAkeem301

Long story short, look forward to NEW releases and crazy news from me AND DMG VERY soon.

Before I go...

I will be bringing BACK "Nike Nando TV" I know I've said the shit a MILLION times but seriously I am. So be on the lookout for that.