I don't like stuntin no more. It's not fun cause I shut niggas down and they're hopes and dreams of being fresh (at that moment) are tarnished...honestly. I don't. since I got my camera back I dnt see any harm in some SMALL stuntin. Like it's not even about bragging. I don't like to do it because it rubbs people the wrong way. Only time you WILL catch me stuntin is on a record. And I HARDLY do that. lol.

Shouts to the good ol' folks at Palace 5ive.

I copped these.
Niggas was waiting in line for the Yeezy's and I 
I fucks with the sneaker tuff but I just don't do the waiting in the line shit. It's just not my thing. Plus the fact that stores were trying to Jack the prices up and be on some robbery type shit. I didint like it, thus didnt bother to buy.

Oh, if you havn't already get one of these two tapes...
Ice The Villian's "The L.@.M.E Mixtape" or Benji's "SSDD"
Btw, if you didnt notice I'm syce I got my camera back. lls!