It's my Birthday! I'M 21!!!!

Welp...I'm 21 years old. I'm blessed. I thank god that I made it this far. I know he has something special planned for me in the future. I just KNOW it. Through all the B.S. put in front of me I feel like I'm doing pretty fine for myself. I STILL don't feel like I'm a man tho. I have ALOT of growing up to do and I feel brand new. Time to cut off people who I feel like I NEED to help because they're not gonna help me. My family needs to be taken care of. It's time I attempt to do what it is I need to do to make sure that THEY'RE straight, you know? My biggest flaw is that I always assume things. I'm not afraid to admit many of you guys can name your flaws???.....I thought so...

Music is one of the very few things I'm good at. I'm about to go hard for this shit so I can make this shit become real.

If you told me happy birthday thank you all and I love you. If you didin't...ah well. it's cool. lol.