The Review - Young I "The Inception"

Young-I's tape is REAL but I can honestly can say I messed w/ 65% of the tape because some of them were not really my cup of tea.

1. Welcome Back - I mess w/ this joint it reminds me of some Jeezy shit and it's strong ass intro for the tape. BTW, I heard the 1 Deuce shoutout. haha!

2. What They Want - I honestly wasnt really feeling this joint. It ddnt really grab me.

3. Watch Me Give It 2 Em - My SHIT!!!!!! That beat goes like shit and I delivers on the record. Chea!!!!

4. Reppin - refer back to track 2

5. It's Going Down - Not feeling that record too tuff either. That joint was ji too dark for me.

6. Where is track 6???????

7. No Bullshit ft. Uptown Mannie - I fucks w/ this joint tuff BUT....I wasnt really diggin the dude featured. I flow was tight as shit on the joint. You ji said shit a rack of times doe my dude. lls.

8. 8 Ward - I wasnt feeling the beat to tuff to listen all the way thru....sorry...=(

9. I'm on it - This joint sound like my man OJ should be on it. lol. "aye!" I think Young-I should send it to him. I think you'd get a feat! I fucks w/ it doe! This track got that bounce.

10. MMI Shit - I wasnt diggin it to tuff. Once again another dark joint.

11. When You See Me - I just wasnt messing w/ it.

12. Untitled Song Abt Women - Smooth track & he funny as shit. Good shit tho my nigga!

13. U Kno - I honestly feel like that beat dnt go w/ that song. But I get where he was tryna take it tho.

14. Loafin - I ddnt mess w/ that joint too tuff either. It just ddnt keep my attention really.

15. Long Time - Another dark record that I personally couldnt get with.

16. Southeast Anthem - MY SHIT!!!!! HANDS DOWN!!!!

All in all I KNOW I got shit in the stash that is CRAZY.

You guys check it out and give YOUR opinion on the tape.