This is a post from a friend of mine about the situation in Pakistan

We are so programmed by the media,it's disgusting. Because they haven't shoved Pakistan's devastating flood down your throats, you're gonna act like they're not screaming for help?! Because a celebrity hasn't endorsed the movement or said boo about it, it doesn't exist right?!
Pakistan, roughly a month in, is continuing to scream for help; to no avail, tuned out by reality TV and trending topics. Annual monsoon rains opened the floodgates of hell unto Pakistan this wet season. Many have died, millions washed away, entire villages submerged; a country falls victim to Atlantis. According to the United Nations, this devastation caused suffering exceeding that of: the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake AND the 2010 Haiti earthquake..COMBINED! over a 2week span, 20million + people have been affected, left homeless, starving, and thirsting for clean water. The death toll is more than a thousand and up to 3.5 million children are at high risk of deadly water-borne diseases..which leads me to 2 questions: Where is the media coverage?! and Where is the gun-ho,pro-world enthusiasm everybody expressed for Haiti's relief..the fundraising,awareness rallies,support?! well, I for one plan on giving the same attention to this disheartening tragedy. We are all children of the world, this could've been us, this IS us! Take initiative, take action, spread love and light, give a helping hand!

here's a poem i've written in lou or addition to the post:

dams burst, tears flood
washed away millions, villages submerged
the world sits deaf, the children's cries go unheard
media got you glued to the tube, now what've you learned?
to the truth you are blind, an entire country victimized
makeshift camps in graveyards &treetops, take a second to visualize
monsoon rain caused flood devastation, Pakistan left paralyzed
water's receeded, from dark to light, survivors for you i sympathize
return from Atlantis, out of house &home, little aid, health compromised
suffering exceeding 04's tsunami,Kashmir &Haiti's quakes combined!
sources i'll extinguish, skills i'll utilize, people i'll gather, a plan to save you will be devised
great minds, big hearts, free souls, world citizens with out forces combined
we can save the world, to this occasion let's rise!
-Pheben Meharena

to help:

embassy of Pakistan,in DC: (202) 243-6500