THROWBACK: Biggie, Foxy Brown & Diddy at HU Homecoming in 95'

I mean, since TODAY HU Homecoming begins I feel like it's only RIGHT to show you guys this video I found on WSHH.

I haven't been to Howard's Homecoming in 3 yrs but the last time I went I met my nigga Deron for the 1st time in a battle & I think District 21 had JUST opened. That was the 1st sneaker boutique I had ever been in and the 1st on in the DMV I believe..idk. Anyways, enjoy the footage. I have something VERY special planned this entire day. I'm shooting the video for "Super Nike Nando" again as well as I have an AMAZING show planned for you guys at Midnight Marauders. You dnt wanna miss out. This is ONLY the beginning.