Delonte L. Reese 9/27/89 - 3/13/10

This is a letter to my best friend for his family to see how much of a influence he has been in my life.

Dear Delonte,

What's up bro? I just want you to know that I miss you alot. I feel like I lost ANOTHER very important person in my life and I'm just gonna have a completely different outlook on life and carry on a brand new pain now that I've lost my best friend...You been there since the JUMP. My very FIRST show in middle school when I became a "real rapper" lol. In High School when you moved to messed me up man...Like, how I'ma ever function without my right hand man, but we STILL kept in contact so it was like you didn't even move. Then as time went by we just slowly started to do our own thing..Your dad was THEE funniest, "ahhhhhhhh....deeelloonnntteee..." lmao! We use to clown son. lol. On everything tho, I really regret us not being able to talk as much as we could have before you died...I STILL sit here and cry because I lost my mom & my best friend...I don't wanna lose anyone else important to me...I feel like I've lost EVERYTHING and all the blessings that you've sent me I GREATLY appreciate. I just wish that I could have at least gotten to say goodbye...

I love you bro & I will make sure that your name lives on through me.