Interview w/ Lyriciss:

Took some time to chop it up with the homie Lyriciss on what he's up to these days and how he plans on coming for mufuckas heads this summer.

1. What drives you to become successful?
A: The love for this music and wanting to reach more people. The fact that I've already reached the amount that I have and a good number of them say that my music is dope and inspires them, I love that. Not even just being dope, but the's a power, and a positive power, at that, so I love being able to have the ability to uplift someone purely off of me doing what I love to do. It's crazy.

2. Do you believe that it's harder for younger aspiring DMV artist to make a impact since everyone is a rapper?
A: It definitely is. The game is so oversaturated, it's hard to get your name out. The trick to it is knowing yourself as an artist, finding your lane, and attacking it 150%. Every artist goes through their stage of not knowing themselves, too, so that's ok...the point is to keep making your music and you'll eventually find yourself. Once you've got it, just keep up the quality and you make sure you reach the people with it - in the streets, online, however you do it, reach the people. It'll work out.

3. What do you consider "GRINDING"?
A: Doing anything productive towards the advancement of your career. That's as simple as it gets. Problem is, a lot of people don't do shit that helps advance their career...they make 3 songs, let niggas around their way hear it, and start telling broads they rap, and leave it at that. Then keep making songs and never actually pushing them. The grind is all about progress.

4. Are they're any DMV artists (20 & Under) that you support?
A: Under 20? Hmm...I mess with Obii Say. Did Chris Barz turn 21 yet? If not, him. I support my lil' brother Day-Day, he's going to make a lot of noise on the R&B scene VERY soon. Not even just in the DMV, but on a global scale. You already know I support the young homie Cayan 100%. Oh yeah, and my nigga H-Tips...he's about to come back out and hit the scene strong, and he still ain't even reach 21 yet. Look out for him. I can't think of anyone else under 21's wild, I don't really ask too many people their ages, and some people look older/younger than they are. A fellow DMV artist I was talking to on the phone today swore I was 26, (laughs)

5. What is your dream venue?
A: Highline Ballroom in NYC and The Roxy in LA. I really want to perform there. Like...bad.

6. Have you made any mistakes in your career?
A: Definitely. When I started out, I was rapping about some shit I didn't REALLY want to rap about. I fixed that. Also, I think I conveyed my support earlier on in the wrong ways. I've always been the type to show love and support, but i think some people got it wrong like I was looking for a come-up or something. Maybe I shouldn't have been so vocal about supporting or something, but I'm just really serious about the DMV working together and making it. You see Atlanta, Miami, the whole New West movement out Cali...they make it because they help and push each other. Everybody out there ain't best friends and some of them don't even like each other as people, but when it comes to music, they want to see each other all on top of this game, they do it for their city/states. I don't know about the rest of everybody else out here, but I'm tired of going out of town, saying I rap and I'm from the DMV/DC area, and people are like "oh, people rap out there? We never hear any of your artists." We all have to push each other and make this shit our own industry. From artists to radio to promoters to everything. If you got all these artists hitting the streets and making sure everybody's being pushed and the people in the city are HEARING it, there's no way radio can deny it and they'll have to play it. Then if that happens, the people are going to want the live shows, and the promoters are going to have to pay us, because we have a demand. Right now, everything is in the reverse order and that's why shit is fucked up. I'm rapping, but I'm ji' trying to speak some truth here...hmmm...maybe me being so supportive wasn't a mistake then.

7. Lakers vs. Celtics & why?
A: Celtics, because I've never liked the Lakers my whole life. They were always like "the privileged team". i'm an underdog, man.

8. Boost vs. CricKet. lol.
A: HIV vs. AIDS. That's what that looks like to me. (laughs)

9. What does Lyriciss mean to hip hop in 2010?
A: Only God really knows, man. That's just me being real. All I can say is to keep expecting quality music and crazy live shows. As hip-hop wakes up more and more, you'll see me more and more.

10. What's next?
A: Me and the big homie DJ Alizay are in talks of working on something pretty dope right now...can't give any details yet, but just keep your eyes and ears open on that one. He sent me a text last Tuesday about some business and we're going to see what happens. Other than that, writing for my debut album, which has no title yet, nor release date...expect it in 2011, but you may get it earlier, depending on what happens. Shooting some more videos with the team over at Tabi Bonney's Cool Kids Forever Films and Dante Bailey's Knowledgeable Ent. Many more things that I don't even know about will probably happen too. (laughs) Y'all can keep up with me on my Twitter (, Facebook (, ReverbNation (, Inner Loop Uncut (, The EQuinox Professionals ReverbNation page (, and my new official site, ( Peace.