Alright, so it's less than a week before my mixtape drops and I bet your thinking to yourself, "Is this tape really what everyone is hyping it up to be?" The answer to that is YES...Absolutely. I feel like it's some what reminiscent of my earlier tapes. (TCO1 & S.N.E.S. for example) for you guys JUST getting hip to my music catch up and click HERE.

It's only Monday/Tuesday (2:46am..basically Tuesday..) and it has been a BIG week with "Passport" on blogs. On Sunday morning I sent out "Passport" out to blogs after I did the big release over my twitter account. The responses about the song have been very good and I am very happy that all of you people like the new sound and direction I've taken with my music and visuals.

Here's something dope.
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Vashtie posted me on her site. She had nothing but good things to say about me and she even looked up the "Kick It" video with Jay Fresh Kicks & Hunit Grand.

THEN...after we dropped the flyer for my NY mixtape release/performance. I haven't performed since earlier this year. I got a lot of love and I gotta step it up for this performance because that's the birthplace of hip-hop. You ALWAYS have to come correct.

Here's the flyer:
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We are ALSO doing a release in the DMV too so don't worry guys. I got you. And this event will be FREE. So no excuses. If you didn't make the "Passport" video shoot then I'm SURE you've seen pictures of the aftermath floating on twitter. lls. So expect: LOTS AND LOTS of women, red cups, liq &....."earthage" as my man Dugee F. Buller would say. haha!

Stay tuned for that flyer/info coming on Wednesday! Also, look out for the VIDEO for "Passport" this week shot by my homie Wesley Rose.

The homie Shaq P. and I dropped a new visual which is a slight interview about what I plan on doing with TCO3 , what was SXSW like, etc.
Check it out:

With the way everything is going I'm very anxious to see what type of responses the tape gets. I'm just gonna keep working my ass off to bring you guys the best possible mixtapes/albums I can put together. I work really hard to get all the love and hate I get. I just pray that one day I'll be on a bigger stage (metaphorically) so that I can finally live out this dream and spread my message with the world.