DMV/Youtube Cypher

What I'm trying to do is organize the BEST from this area up-and-coming and promote they're talent. If you haven't seen the youtube cypher you should check it out. So get your digi-cam's and get ready to get some exposure. here are the instructions:

*Send a email to or with your myspace/blogsite.
*If you are accepted you will receive a beat.
*Record a video of you spitting your BEST 16 . At the end call out who YOU think should go next. (And know for sure if they are...Don't be calling out Wale' n shit...)
*Post it on youtube with the header title as: 'your name' DMV youtube chypher.




Thrilla Nilla said...


I'll post something as well.

Cayan said...

lol i wish that nigga's show was still on the air

Ice the Villain said...

Excellent idea. I'mma send something your way...

G*Two said...