Special edition "Continue?"

I am VERY proud of this project. Just it's overall quality. I haven't felt like this since I was prepping for S.N.E.S., now that this project is out and doing some cool numbers without promo I feel good! I'm Rejuvenated and going back in to do what it is I do best, creating music. I could care less if ANY bloggers post or give me props for this project. I know that I'm capable of doing something you can't do and that's make people relate and stay consistant on following up on me. In no way is that sassing anyone who's ever posted anything I've ever e-mailed to them and they've showed love, (Thank you to those who have) just the ones who have been unsure of the 'hype' behind my rise. I know I'm the shit. And I'm not being cocky what-so-ever. Just wait till you get a taste of the album...

I WILL begin working on the Untitled album in January. Also I'm working on an EP and back in the studio with a producer that helped with the majority of S.N.E.S., who woulda thunk it? lol. So that leaves me to say this, I'm FOCUSED, nothing budge me. How you gonna act?

And DeLorean Music Group WILL be an official label 2009.

Here's the mixtape link:



DopeYemi® said...

just downloaded the 1up edition, but cant listen to it now cuz im in Class... lol
I'll listen to it as soon as i get out.
you better have more song on it.