See what I told you! I told you I was that damn good! Now you see I get mentioned for having one of the best mixtapes of 08' w/ Nas, Wale & Theo....cmon...I got SOMETHING to brag about...but I'm not. lol. Now S.N.E.S. is @ 899 dl's PLEASE help me get it to 1,000 So I can do a backflip! LOL! I love you ALL who downloaded it because this tape means so much to me. I put it out with little promo I could put together and NO money and you all respected it and put me in the ranks of the top up-and-coming DMV artists, not to mention the TOP DMV artists PERIOD. Thank you all. And I'm going to name all the people who either helped or was around for the project.....

My mom (R.I.P.), my family for showing me that this is the real world and the real world is COLD, my fav. cousin Beats, A.B., Judah (I hope one day you truly understand my artistry. I miss working w/ you big bro. no homo.), Azizi & Mouse (For pushing me to become the best artist I can be and show niggas it's cool to be yourself. FUCK a front.), Yams, Revilio Savage, Nova, Terry Star, Khary, Gen, Scooty, Wan, Brandon, Marky, K.B. (for losing his damn mind when he heard "KidzWithGunz" LOL!), Lyriciss, City & Abstrakt...AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO DOWNLOADED THIS MIXTAPE...I THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!

1. Me and My Brothers
2. Freedom Plaza
3. No Good ft. Mouse aka The Waldorf Poster Boy & A.B. The Producer
4. The Wind Blows
5. KidzWithGunz
6. KickRoxx
7. Freestyle (You’re Everything)
8. Sickkk!!!! (Produced By A.B. The Pro)
9. Opposition (Produced By Judah)
10. Get A Grip ft. Novacane
11. I Am The High
12. Super Nike Nando ft. preHISTORIC (produced By Azizi Gibson)
13. Freestyle
14. Ash (Produced By A.B. The Pro)

If you don't have it click HERE!


DopeYemi® said...

I still be jammin to this Joint in my car... plus niggas out here still ent hip to you so i make sure when niggas ask "who that you bumping too?" i tell them Nando's S.N.E.S!

So yea, it's worth being on every site... lol