Yo, I'm feeling really excited about this new project. I think it's gonna be a dope collection of work from me. I always capitalize on every opportunity regarding towards the progress and quality of the music, so now I just figure it's time for me to make a crazy wave and (NO HOMO) ride that mufucka...I'm 2 songs into "EGO" and I'm feeling like this entire project will be a painting. You can relate it to your dreams and goals you'd like to accomplish one day and use it to push you further towards your own dream. It's like the fuel and energy...all that good shit. lol. I'm looking to be a star and I have that burning desire to become one so much that I'm willing and able to do what it takes, go the right way, and take the right steps to become one of the most unstoppable, respected artists from the DMV area. When you think of "EGO" I don't want you to think of it as me being "cocky" or "egotistical", go back to how you felt when you heard "S.N.E.S." then multiply that times the biggest number in the world and that's what you have. The BEST shit to drop all of 09'! Everyone will have this project...will you?