Vow...........& NEWS!

I feel like I did ALOT of things to slow down what could have been a MAJOR year for me in 08'...BUT, I made things happen. I released 2 successful mixtapes and you LOVED them, I maintained relevant on blogs and kept my name alive and brought out dope songs but there was only ONE thing...ONE thing missing. Showing my face and being in places I needed to be. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes and I'm here to admit that I'm not perfect. I was a lab rat a little too much and I just CANNOT do that this year. I am making a vow right now to NOT be JUST a internet rapper. Sure, I've made appearances in at a few events and people were glad to see me there, but now I gotta grind WAY harder so that people can interact with me and know I am a real person who likes to have fun as well. lol. So this year DMV as you prepare yourself for the things I have planned and the ep debut I'm gonna have alot of things out same as last year and put my all into turning this dream into reality.

("EGO") & etc..:
I still have decided not to drop a release date for "EGO" so early simply because I want the timing for the project to be perfect and I don't wanna lead anyone on to excpect that I'm coming out with it and It get's pushed back...(S.N.E.S. lol.) So I will keep everyone updated as much as possible and I'm gonna throw a single out soon as me and Dre pick the right one for you to rock w/. I have a lot of CRAZY producers I'm working with on this that I don't wanna name until the time is right. You'll just have to wait and see who's on the beats...lol.

My Beats:
I get messages about my beats all the time and I'm going to clear up the questions like this...I'm NOT giving away free beats right now and if you want something be specific so that I can try my best to give you smoething you'd like. I don't wanna just make something and you not like it folks. I don't think that's cool. So if you want something just PLEASE be specific. I'm working w/ Cay on "D.O.C. II" and Mouse on his new DOPE tape....


Me & Mouse got a hit on this joint Mickey Factz passed on....

This really doesn't pertain to me but, it does. lol. Cayan will be dropping his new single off of "District Of Caylumbia II" entitled "Fashion & Politics" produced by A.B. The Pro in a few weeks and it's going to CRUSH everything that is out here right now. We are currently in the process of getting ready to shoot the video as well. Were looking for young lady's between the ages of 17-20 to play separate rolls in the video. The video will be VERY tasteful and no degrading in any way shape or form. We need two lady's, one lightskin and one darkskin. If you are interested contact CAYAN'S MYSPACE or MY MYSPACE. Also, Lyriciss is dropping "The Day Job" Feb. 3rd so please show support and download the tape. He has alot more projects excpected to come out afterwards. Also Mouse is slated to drop near the end of January.