End of a era: My father found me.

Today my cousin on my fathers side found me. And I've spoken to my father for the 1st time since before my mother passed. All this time I had a feeling we were getting closer to speaking to one another and it happened today. W/ knowing how fucked up members on my moms side is I don't think I can forgive them for putting me through what they put me through. It's not that I hate them I just won't forget the fact that they've done what they did...It's a bittersweet moment for me right now...

When I spoke to him he told me how much he loves me & how bad he wants to see me. I was so excited I kinda yelled while talking to him like that kid who's inside me bussed out and could not keep telling him how much I love him. I'm gonna be taking the trip up NY to see him soon.

Keep you updated! 


AKZionz said...

fathers are special yo trust me. My dad jus came home memorial day weekend