It's time I get MY OWN shit...

For a WHILE I been thinking abt how am I gonna meet deadlines for OTHER artists projects and why I'm not able to collab w/ them because I'm trying to finish my own projects. I gotta get my own stuff so that I can do it all. So now (finally the light bulb lit up and I should have BEEN done this...) I'm saving to build my OWN studio so I don't have to work around anyone else's schedule. It's just more convenient that way. I'd be recording ALL night & day when I want to in the comfort of my OWN home. Alot of you artist should do that. It's not that tuff man. Just save up take your asses to Guitar Center and KNOW what your looking for. Do research like I'm doing.

Anyways, I'm looking at the Pro Tools package @ guitar center. Hopefully I can have my OWN ish in abt 3 months at the most...I'll keep you posted...


AKZionz said...

it aint wut u got its all n how u use it (c) 9th Wonder. I jus rap so i dont need much. My shyt aint even come up to m,ore than 300 beans (macbook aside)

100 dollar at2020 condenser mic
120 dollar tascam us 122L mic interface (came wit Cubase software)
40 dollar pop stopper
12 dollar stu quality headfones 9they dont make em no more, i came off good)
and like a 30 dollar mic stand.
i got mine offline tho at (free shippin n all that) lol
and my stand and chord