Late night thoughts.

Currently wolfin' & I'm not showing ANY signs of stopping. I care less honestly. I ji want my hair back now. lol. 

as you can see...
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Lookin RUFF & RUGID! haha!

But nah, I've been writing like hell (kinda) and ideas have been just hitting me left & right. I like this feeling. Like I think I NEEDED this break to find out what I want to do next w/ my career w/ this music situation. I've gotten a job & I'm saving up my lil checks to get a NICE phone & a home studio. Artists who are "just starting" you should take this advice; once you obtain your OWN means to record you will be on NOBODY'S time. Ain't that what you want? You can record damn near as many songs as you want, endless ideas if your a homebody like myself. I'm also breaking out of the homebody ish too. lol. 

If your still in high school and wanna do this 1st your gonna have to have MORE than $100. Also, your gonna need to tlk to your parents because your gonna have to buy some speakers that are GOOD. So take your asses to Guitar Center and ask for advice from whoever works there abt studio equip. They are usually really helpful most of the time. Oh, if your thinking to ask me when I'm going to release another project....I don't know...I might after I get my studio situation good. I don't feel the need to record anything to I have at least a choice of songs I WANT TO RECORD. Otherwise, I'll feel like I'm rushing & that's pointless. 

ANNNNDDDDDD will be coming VERY soon!!!! Sooner than you all think. I just need to get a few things right and we'll be up & running! For those who DO faithfully hit my blog need to know this, I AM shooting a video for "Dopage" it will be shot once again by The Great White Production Co. and we're gonna make you niggas sooo mad. lol. If your looking for details contact my manager he'll let you know ALL the info about what's going on. BTW, were shooting Friday, Sept 25th around 4pm. Make sure your asses are THERE. No loafin what-so-ever. I'm not rocking. If you ain't there I know where your support rests. lol.

But contact these people for info on the video: