Nando News (Updates!!!) 12.2.09

I hope everyone had a dope and wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I ate like good. Anyways, I'm here to give you all a status on me and what's going on in my world. I have gone under NEW management hopefully we get this show on the road. lol. I've been working on ALOT of new projects so Hakuna Matata, I'll be RIGHT back on you with a ep 1st quarter and it WILL be monumental! I'm working with quite a few producers as well as using my own production. Oh, another thing, I'm gonna re-record 'SuperNikeNando' with new lyrics. ALSO, I have a 'SuperNikeNando' pt. 2 coming produced by TheFiveOne Band. Believe me when I tell you that my new music could possibly be the DOPEST product coming out of this area PERIOD. Also I said I'm keeping the McFlyy. It's MINE so I'm reclaiming my shit!

BTW, when you get a chance send a e-mail to my boy Nova telling him to get well soon.